The Mage Room Week 1

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Mage specific items - can only be purchased by Mages. Spell costs are in focus cost - you must focus for AT LEAST the spell cost (extra damage is lost) in order to cast the spell on your next attack.


Remember that spell damage to non resistant monsters is doubled!

Spells can only be cast once/week from each level (ie. One level 1 spell and one level 2 spell could be cast in one week but two level 1 or level 2 spells could not)


You can only buy 1 spell each week.

Spells are restocked on Sunday.

Once a spell is purchased by one player, it is unavailable for purchase until it is restocked on Sunday.


Level 1 Spells

  • Fireball (2 focus) 25 gold - Add 1 spell damage to your first attack, then 1 pure damage burn to each subsequent. Ow ow ow! A spark! Get it get it!
  • Shadow (2 focus) 25 gold - Cast a shadow for 3 days, this shadow deals 2 spell damageon any day you attack during those three days. Please note, not the hedgehog.
  • Kablam (2 focus) 25 gold - Deal 3 pure damage on 1 day. Kablam.

Level 2 Spells

  • Sharknado (3 focus) 50 gold - Summon a tornado full of sharks. For every point over the focus cost, deal 2 times that amount in spell damage. 1 day use. Sort of like jaws, only with more tornado.
  • Zombeavers (3 focus) 50 gold - An army of zombie beavers assails your target for 2physical damage every day you attack. Don’t go in the lake.

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