Those Old Quotes

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I found my old journal today. None of that teen angsty stuff. I used to, and still do, collect quotes. But I never write down where they are from. They’re just little bits of life that jump out at me at the moment and I etch them into paper.


I’ve got a lot of good ones. I think most are likely from The Dark Tower series, because it’s just amazeballs. Like this little one here:

There are people who need people to need them. The reason you don’t understand is because you’re not one of those people. You’d use me and then toss me away like a paper bag if that’s what it came down to. God fucked you, my friend. You’re just smart enough where it would hurt to do that, and just hard enough where you’d go ahead and do it anyway.


I have a million more. So many books full of quotes. What about you? What do you collect?

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