Win a Pizza!!! Share Your Horror!

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This month, until October 12, I am running a contest: Share your scariest story in 20 sentences or less. Whoever scares me the most WINS! A FREE PIZZA!


Enter the contest in replies or on Discord/Tay channel

Here are the contestants so far:

Armuun: The god looked down upon what terrible fortune at it had brought on the lowly creature. A mere child looked up at him with a quizzical expression in its eyes as he wept. Its lips had been removed, though the rest of its body had retained it’s form. It’s hands were bloodied and gaunt. Beneath it lay a mess of entrails and gore. Bite marks riddled the corpse at the child’s feet as it peeled another fresh slab of meat from it and devoured it in a single bite. The god could not look away from the abomination for fear of what it would do next. The child stood on its feet and with its grisly smile softly hissed “Do you approve of me now, father?”


TheGeekEmpress: Delivering pizzas is one of those crappy jobs where at the very least, when you finally quit you have some weird stories to tell your friends. The noisy frat bros who never, ever tip, the hot girls who show up at the door in a towel that you pray falls off, and those fat, hairy guys whose towels you pray stay on. The weirdest one was why I eventually quit. The place I worked at was a local joint owned by one of those guys who even if he had a PhD in advanced calculus still looked like they would own a pizza shop, and he merely embraced his destiny. For two weeks straight he would give me the same route with the same order to the same address. The pizza and house themselves weren’t weird, but the guy who always answered...he wasn’t quite right. He’d only open the door a crack to throw out the bills and snatch the pizza out of my hands before slamming the door in my face without saying a word. He looked like somebody who’d be on an episode of cops, with a grungy tank top and watery, unfocused eyes, and just behind him I could always see a woman with her back to the door, quietly sobbing until that door was invariably slammed in my face. For thirteen days in a row: money, snatch, sob, slam. Then on the fourteenth door he answered again...but this time the sobbing woman couldn’t be heard, or seen. It was easy to see something wasn’t right, and my gut told me the worst had happened. That crying woman was now dead, but I had no proof. So I raced back to my store, anxious and upset and searching for the owner to give me advice on what to do. I ran to the back kitchen, yelling my boss’s name as I opened the swinging door, finding him using his teeth ripping to rip out the liver of my now dead coworker.

Unimplied: Once upon a time, a group of seven people and a Furby were hunting zombies for a competition (4vs4) to see who could survive the longest. Furby declared, “whoever survives the longest, I will buy a pizza for.”


It was a close match, with both teams losing members left and right. Eventually a zombie ate me, and that was the end. But! My room mate was the sole survivor in the end. Furby then said, “OK, you win a pizza!”




Division-Ten: Donald Trump is a legitimate contender for the American presidency.


Nach: I once ate...

Frozen pizza!!!

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